Which Android Music App is Right for You?

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When it comes to conversations about switching over to Android powered devices, a cry erupts from the iOS using masses that tells us that we’ve ruined all chances of ever hearing those favorite songs on our trusty playlist. We’re bombarded with tales about media players that refuse to stream, load slowly or have poor music selections. Today, that story changes.

If you’ve just recently switched to an Android device yourself, and you’re ready to get back to jamming to your favorite tracks, take your pick of the 5 awesome Android music apps below.


Poweramp – Some might consider this paid music app overkill, but Poweramp is hands down the most functional music app available for Android, but if you’re serious about your music, it’s just what you need. With a 15 day trial you can experience Poweramp for 2 weeks before you decide if you want to purchase the program. With beautiful album artwork, clean layout and personalization options available, Poweramp also supports user themes and has a section where you can make your own tweaks. With the equalizer you can create new and updated tracks, the way you want to hear them. Poweramp is one of the most popular music apps on Android.

Shuttle – You may not have heard of Shuffle, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list of new music apps to try. While Poweramp is function heavy with lots of choice for customization and beautiful themes, Shuttle is a lightweight music app with a few functions that users might find useful such as sleep timer, gapless playback and a small equalizer. There is a free and paid version of the app, but since the paid version is only .99, it’s also a great value.


Soundcloud – Soundcloud, while currently free, is hands down the best free music service for Android devices. With beautiful artwork, popular artists and thousands of user mixed tracks, Soundcloud is a great source for mainstream media as well as new and unsigned artists. Choose to explore new tracks by genre, create your own playlists, fast-forward or rewind tracks, and experience access to over 12 hours of recorded music uploaded every second. Get in on this one fast though, Soundcloud is currently testing a trial paid version for its services and is considering going fully paid by the end of 2016.

Pulsar – If you like a little more simplicity to your playlist, consider Pulsar. You can browse your favorite tracks by folder, album, genre or artist. This Android music app is unique since it comes with last.fm support as well as access to an equalizer, additional themes and reverb booster for a small one-time payment. Everything else the app provides is free.

4Shared - Probably one of the coolest ideas for a music app around, 4shared has a gargantuan library, containing over 5 million songs! The app helps you search for your favorites and then automatically filters the search to show mp3’s. Music you download is stored on a 15 GB cloud server hosted by 4shared, where you can also choose to listen offline. Add your own music folders to make the playlist complete!

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